Display Tech   


Zyberwear's wearable displays have enabled of the "Soldier System" when combined with a wearable computer and radio, GPS, video weapon sight.

Most earlier wearable displays have been failures, because of poor human factors (adjustability, weight, balance), primitive optics (curved field, narrow field of view, poor eye relief) and ruinous cost. We address all of these in innovative wearable display systems.


Binocular (stereoptic) head mounted display:

The Zyberwear binocular display offers the lightest weight of any known, and a spectacular 35° field of view. The screen is brighter than office lighting, and the imagery is crisp and in full color.

It is adjustable to the look-over position for conversation, or look-under for desk work, or straight-ahead for being lost all day in the screen. It weighs 70 grams for all-day wear, and is an enabling architecture for man-machine integration.


Lightweight Monocular Display:

This VGA display is the lightest weight monocular display ever designed which is equally adaptable to PASGT military helmet, hard hat soft cap or bare head. for all-day wear.

Its unique optics enable an almost unrestricted view of the world around the active screen. enabling unrestricted normal desk or military operations while augmented by the apparent 17" screen at 30 inch distance.


Maximan™ Head Mounted Display:

Designed as video headwear for desk operations, this minimum-weight stereoptic display allows all-day wear with minimum fatigue, though not recommended for walking. The 28° FOV, the 45 foot-Lambert brightness, the 55 gram weight. all combine to make this model an excellent accessory for computer-augmented thinking.

Wearable Mosaic Display:

This is the most effective display technology available to simulation, control and computer science.

The WMD offers a hemispheric screen, 4000X3000 resolution, and an ability to simultaneously operate and view unlimited programs and internet sites and documents and drawings and maps and photographs.

And is all done with a simple, low-cost wearable XGA display.

Plus a head tracker to tell the computer where you are looking.

Plus our proprietary software to tell the computer what to display where you are looking.


With WMD you can follow the stocks on two dozen web sites, and read documents, and check your calendar and look at an IMAX aerial photograph.

It is equally effective as a portable display for a patrolling sentry ...offering 100 screens of security cameras... spread out in a sphere around his head. And his vision is uncompromised in every direction but where he positions the head-mounted display "window".