Program Manager, Optical Systems

MS, Optical Systems Engineering: University of Rochester , NY
MS, Mechanical Engineering: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA
BS, Physics: Duke University , NC

Professional Experience Summary

Optical/Mechanical Systems engineering and management: visual, infrared and instrumental optics, optical systems design, optical and opto-mechanical engineering, lens design (Zemax) and implementation,: project management from conception to delivery.

Technical marketing: Product management, market assessment, strategic planning, product evaluation and definition, technical presentation and contracts

Strategic account development: Generating new business, technical support, product line management, applications engineering, and maintenance of customer confidence.

Zyberwear, Inc. Ocoee, FL (2004 - present)
Founder and President

Developed and patented new class of automatic rifle: never misses. Optical systems for security: terahertz camera to see through clothing; thermal infrared camera; terrorist detector. Adjustable-power eyeglasses; infinite depth of field microscope; total personal electronics suite for entertainment and productivity. Present focus is development of solar concentrator power, the goal being production of solar power at a cost less than that of utility gas, electricity, and coal... without taxpayer subsidies and incentives.

Displaywear, Inc. San Carlos, CA (1996-2000) Founder and President

Developed new technologies and products for head mounted displays, eye tracking, wearable computers, personal communicators, ruggedized hand-held flat panel displays, for commercial and military customers.

S-TRON Mountain View, CA (6 years) Chief Technologist

Responsible for problem solving, proposing and winning new programs in development of head mounted displays, advanced flat panel displays, acoustic-optic multimedia systems, and man-worn computer systems. Created infantry Soldier System: a new business area - from first proposals to become the primary business of the company. Programs have won national awards for excellence.

Quantic Industries San Carlos, CA (3 years) Chief Technologist

Managed electro-optic product development and customer support in optical sensors for satellite navigation, laser products and machine vision. Responsible for system concepts, proposal development, demonstration engineering, and customer interface.

Light Machines Corp. Manchester, NH (2 years) Cofounder, President

Cofounder of small machine-tool company, from its start in micro-robotic design to its successful market entry with a competitive US-made CNC machine lathe.

Itek Corporation Lexington, MA (3 years) Senior Engineer

Responsible for development of electro-optical systems such as laser attack sensors, space optics, high-energy laser applications and built first working adaptive optics system, for exoatmospheric surveillance.

Raytheon Corporation Waltham, MA (3 years) Senior Engineer

Developed first successful night vision goggles, laser film printer, developed night vision handheld viewer and was engineering manager of resulting $8 million production. Developed first man-portable long-range laser camera.

NASA Cleveland (3 years) Senior Engineer

Supported analytic development of the gas-core nuclear rocket program; developed instrumentation for and characterized UV-vis transmission of refractory transparent ceramics near melting; built, instrumented and characterized nuclear core flow simulator.