Video Eyewear   

Near-eye displays have become hugely successful in military and industrial applications, where mission performance is critical.

Near-eye displays have yet to succeed in the consumer market, for four reasons:

- Poor performance (color, resolution, focus)
- High price ($1000 - $1500 for TV or a video game viewer is just not "entertaining")
- Very poor human interface engineering (poor adjustability, too heavy, narrow field of view, awkward head harness)
- Above all - no application. They do almost nothing that a $150 color TV does not do, and do better.

From our extensive experience in developing the head and helmet mounted displays (HMDs) which today are the basis of the military's extensive soldier systems... we understand what is needed, how to design it, how to build it, and how to use it.

All of our HMD systems

. Are comfortable for all-day wearing
. Are adjustable with one hand for a perfect fit
. Provide full color at non-blurring video frame rates
. Have a maximum field of view, matched to the eye's ability to resolve
. Are feather weight, with systems integration to eliminate any unnecessary mass
. are comfortable for all-day wearing.
. Permit three positions of viewing:
     Look-up (HMD above the line of sight)
     Look-over (eyes-free dashboard display)
     Straight-ahead for long hours of comfortable immersive viewing