Night Vision Goggles  


For forty years American night vision goggle technology let the US "own the night" against all opponents.

Zyberwear's Chief Engineer worked out the development of the first manufacturable night vision goggles (PVS-5), and they became a major division of Raytheon.

He did the production engineering on the AN/PVS-7A biocular NVG, and they were manufactured in 300,000 quantity.

Unfortunately the Army "sold the night" on eBay and now every terrorist can buy an equivalent military NVG.

So at Zyberwear are working on the next generation to take back the night: visible-light image intensifier combined with medium IR (1.1-1.4 µ) imaging.

Additionally these will integrate a video camera for realtime eyeball battlefield networking: one soldier can "see" what another is seeing.

Additionally these will integrate a color video display for the soldier-system computer, to display maps, instructions, and warnings.