Terahertz Imaging

The terahertz spectrum lies between long infrared and microwave frequencies.

Interesting for two reasons:
• THz imaging can see through clothing, and into sealed
   packages and luggage without the dangers of ionizing
   radiation produced by X-rays
• Different molecular species can be better differentiated
   than by other spectroscopic techniques:
   for medical, pharmaceutical and agricultural applications



THz has been little exploited before now... for lack of a practical imaging technique, convenient spectral filtering, and a THz illuminator smaller than a piano.

Zyberwear has a three-prong approach to THz technology, producing the strongest THz
techology foundation in the world.

A. THZ FOCAL PLANE ARRAY for a camera: this uncooled focal plane array has an
extreme sensitivity, with noise equivalence of 0.1 microwatt/mm2.

B. THZ SCANNING SPECTRAL FILTER to make a spectral camera. Thus a guard may
quickly screen luggage or a passenger for contraband or threats. The dynamite, cocaine, C4 or marijuana shows up as a bright white shape in the image.

    NASA wants it for spectral analysis of planetary and nebular gases.

C. THZ LASER ILLUMINATOR: a novel 10 watt laser scannable over the THz spectrum...
and smaller than a bread box.

This THz technology ensemble will be available for government and commercial markets in late 2007.